Join us in a Prayer for the Republic. Our path to restoration begins on our knees. We will petition God to cast aside those who are destroying the Constitution. Please answer the call to join our Army of Faith now.

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The Solutions to Today's Problems Lie in our Revolutionary Past!

“This book will change your feelings about America Forever!”

The Bill of Rights, Constitution, Declaration of Independence –
These documents define our country and protect our rights and freedoms. However, today’s endless debates over political dogma divide Americans, making us lose focus on the true founding principles located within them.

In his new book, Forever 1776, Daniel Brigman exposes the truth about the foundation of the United States of America to everyone in what could be the most important political book you read this year.

Forever 1776 will expose all Americans to the truth behind key people and events from America’s past that schools do not teach and the government seems anxious to cover up.

Brigman makes the connection between the heaven-inspired ideals and principles of the past with the corrupt and lawless present, allowing patriots everywhere to step up to their responsibility to replace political deception with America’s amazing heritage.

The United States of America is under attack, so arm yourself with information found inside Forever 1776.

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Calling All Patriots!
Join the Saturday Prayer for the Republic.
Help Throw Back the Satanic Influence that has Infiltrated Our Republic.
The Judgments of God that Hang Over Us Can and Will be Nullified.

Dear friend,

I know that one man of faith can send a thousand wicked fleeing. I know that two men of faith can send ten thousand scampering back into the cave of deceit in which they came from. “The wicked fleeth when none pursue.” It has been my experience that the light of truth chases the demons back into the dark. We only need open our mouths and stand on principle.

This is a spiritual battle.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephesians 6:12

All it takes is for People of Faith everywhere to stand together. I commit to action, starting on April 19th, 2013, on the 238th anniversary of the “shot heard ‘round the world.”

I ask that you join me in something far more important.

I will retreat to a quiet place on that day, and every Saturday evening thereafter, and send a humble petition to my creator to beg his forgiveness for our negligence, and ask that he will open the windows of Heaven and throw back the satanic influence that has infiltrated our Republic and subverted the Constitution. This will continue until the Rule of Law is once again placed as the foundation of our nation .

I invite everybody to join in.

As people join the Saturday Prayer for the Republic, the law of the Lord will once again take precedent in our hearts. The judgments of God that hang over us can and will be nullified if men and women of faith stand together now and unify under this one objective–to restore the Republic and declare liberty under the law once again.

Freedom is the only truly unifying principle in politics and in Heaven. The mercy of God will rise to meet our challenge if we rise together now. I know it, I testify of it, and I call for it with every bit of righteous persuasion I am capable of.

With each step we take toward 1776, God will assuredly move heaven and earth to meet us more than half-way.

In 1776, a declaration was written that changed the world. In 2013, we need a demand for restoration of law. Join us in this demand–not a request–for the government that usurps unrighteous authority upon us today to return to the law of the land and reestablish the Constitution and Bill of Rights as supreme forevermore.

Please join me in declaring the Rule of Law once again on this land by participating in the Prayer for the Republic.

Daniel Todd Brigman

Forever 1776 looks at several important issues and events from our Revolutionary past and contrasts them with today’s corrupt political agenda.Readers will learn:
  • How schools are failing to teach the vital truth about the pivotal year 1776 and the government is deliberately covering up or changing the facts about this vital turning point in forming our great society.
  • How the founding fathers really felt about the Revolutionary War and the U.S. Government, and what they would think about America today.
  • How the U.S. Government lies to American citizens and promotes unfavorable political agendas to distract citizens from focusing on more important issues.
  • How today’s political documents, such as the UN Charter, compare to founding documents, such as the Declaration of Independence.
  • Why the banking industry is being used as an instrument of control and how the founding fathers warned future generations about it.
  • How politicians continually usurp their authority and attack efforts of citizens who seek to uphold the Constitution.

Those who call themselves patriots can no longer stand by and allow corruption and evil to continue to ruin the country. Only when God is invited back into our government will the United States of America truly return to its place as the greatest nation on earth

Use Forever 1776 as a light of truth to help restore our worthy political heritage.

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Daniel Brigman grew up in a patriotic family who valued the ideals of the founding fathers. He grew up near Atlanta, Georgia and attended nearby Mercer University. Upon moving to Utah, he married his wife, Tristen and is the father to a toddler, with another child on the way.

Brigman has always felt passionate about educating others about the truths behind the foundation of the United States of America. While helping to write a political column in a Georgia newspapaper, he engaged in personal study and reflection on American history. This knowledge, coupled with his frustration with the country’s current problems, inspired Brigman to write Forever 1776. His desire is that true patriots–both young and old–will finally learn the truth behind one of the most important years in this country’s past, and that the lessons learned can help turn the tide.

Find answers to many of America’s political problems when you read
Forever 1776.

Join the Saturday Prayer for the Republic. Your Country needs you now. Please join our nationwide prayer circle asking for God’s providence to heal our land and restore our Constitutional heritage.

Join the Prayer

Learn why no sacrifice is too great to uphold our founding documents because no sacrifice was too great to establish them.

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The United States of America has strayed far from its origins, according to Brigman. Because most Americans are uninformed of the true history of its foundation, they have no idea how off-track things really are. Readers will become more educated about the events before, during and after the year 1776 and how they apply today. Take some time to preview the hot-button topics that Forever 1776 examines:

Chapter 1: A Most Amazing Year

Contrast the early events of the Revolutionary War with today’s big government and examine the truly revolutionary aspects of the Declaration of Independence.

Chapter 2: A Line in the Sand

Join other patriots to support the Second Amendment and support gun ownership after debunking the debate over gun control.

Chapter 3: The Flogging

Learn about post-Revolutionary War ideas from the founding fathers for a new government and how key figures felt about peace, God and democracy.

Chapter 4: The Most Important Political Document Since the Ten Commandments

Examine the history and implementation of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, including analysis on each amendment.

Chapter 5: The Forgotten George

Read about how God and churches factored into the founding fathers’ view of establishing a nation, including the Great Awakening and the contributions of George Whitfield, a forgotten key figure.

Chapter 6: The Infowar

See how the founding fathers used information and communication to spread truth before, during and after the Revolutionary War, and more on key figures such as Samual Adams and Thomas Paine.

Chapter 7: The Greatest Con Ever

Know about the most direct and dire warnings from the founders fathers, especially about central banks, plus review the current deception that today’s government is using to strangle the nation.

Chapter 8: False Flags

Identify multiple ways that the U.S. government uses trickery and lies to manipulate citizens, both in the past and today, using examples throughout history as well as current events.

Chapter 9: The Oath

Understand how politicians generally disregard the sworn oaths they take, as well as what public servants can do to stop violations of the Bill of Rights, such as traffic stops and foreclosures.

Chapter 10: Counterfeit

Recount the events that occurred when the Declaration of Independence was first read in public and more on today’s counterfeit government and its link to the UN global governance.

Chapter 11: The Rule of Law

Recognize the importance of restoring the government to its heavenly origins with divine help while working with other patriots to demand a return to law for the whole world.

Read Forever 1776 to become an informed and committed patriot dedicated to restoring America to its God-given ideals.

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