Join us in a Prayer for the Republic. Our path to restoration begins on our knees. We will petition God to cast aside those who are destroying the Constitution. Please answer the call to join our Army of Faith now.

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The Solutions to Today's Problems Lie in our Revolutionary Past!

Prayer for the Republic

During the darkest hours for America during the War for Independence our Founding Fathers often sought the throne of God to beg for His intervention in their behalf.  Their prayers of faith were met with Mercy.  Their Creator heard their desperate call and redeemed our land with the blood of the soldiers.  We believe our country needs such faith once again.

We have seen our country change.  We believe the Nation of George Washington and Samuel Adams is being replaced with new political doctrines.  The Heavenly protections to freedom formalized in the Constitution are eroding.  Those who once spoke ill of the Constitution under their breath are now openly calling for its eradication or complete abolition.  It is pretty obvious the government left by our Founders is hard to recognize these days.

Perhaps the greatest lesson of the Revolutionary War was this…a small, committed minority of People of Faith; willing to sacrifice everything in defense of Heavenly principles cannot be defeated. We now call all Patriots to join together in a Holy cause. We ask that you call in to the conference call below and join us to ask God to restore our Republic and turn our Hearts back to the principles of Freedom.

Your country needs you now.  Watch how fast God will heal our land as our Hearts turn back to Him. We plead with you to join our humble effort of Faith to call down God’s Providence upon our Nation once again.

We invite you to join our email list below and our Facebook page. If one man of Faith can send a thousand to flight, then what can hundreds and thousands of People, united in restoring America’s Constitutional Republic, accomplish with the help of Heaven? Please join us now for a short thought and Prayer.

This Sunday — 7:30 MST
Dial-in Number: 1-267-507-0240
Conference Code: 299795

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